“The bud stands for all things, even for those things that don’t flower, for everthing flowers, from within, of self-blessing.”   Galway Kinnell

Private Sessions

WhiteRed tip roseOn the simplest level, a private session is a place you can address your most basic concerns such as neck or back pain, insomnia, anxiety or stress. The heart and soul of my work however is to help you know, trust and love yourself at the deepest levels.

Together we will make a plan for optimal wellness designed to meet your individual needs. Discover how your body may be expressing unconscious beliefs and feelings and learn practices to be compassionate and present with yourself, allowing for deep embodied change and transformative healing. In a safe, loving, non-judgmental environment, these sessions support you in recovering wholeness, a full sense of aliveness on all levels: body, mind, heart and spirit.

A variety of powerful and practical tools may be used, some of which include: mindfulness, yoga, breathing, self-inquiry, energy work, practices focused on being with intensity and developing better communication within yourself and with others, sound healing to name a few. Take-home practices and ongoing counseling are provided for your support.


I have been studying yoga with Jean Marie since 1997. She has been an incredible balancing force in my life. Her understanding of yoga and stress management have brought me tools that I have been able to use in my own life. Jean Marie is a warm and compassionate teacher and I feel lucky that I have had the opportunity to learn from her. I have sought her advice when I was dealing with a conflict in my life and she helped me to find the right answer inside of myself. She is a great listener and a wise friend. To practice yoga with her is a joy.

Romi Marks

A wide variety of tools may be used including:

Private Yoga Instruction
Guided Relaxation
Creative Imagery
Breath Work
Holistic Health Education
Yoga Nidra
Non-Violent Communication
Regenesis Energy Work
Quantum Touch Healing (energy work)
Stress Management
Sound Healing