About Integrative Wellness Counseling

Integrative Wellness Counseling is a loving, gentle and practical method that uses a diverse array of tools and techniques to provide you with optimal wellness and a greater sense of joy and fulfillment. This unique combination of healing arts and mind/body tools has evolved from Jean Marie Hays’ thirty years of teaching yoga, breathing techniques, stress management and mindfulness practices. She also draws from her education in the mind/body field and training with other healers to create a program that is uniquely tailored to your needs.

Jean Marie Hays provides a safe space where she will support you in exploring and identifying what wellness looks like for you. Then through creative partnership, using a variety of these powerful and effective tools, Jean Marie will design a holistic plan to assist you in reaching your desired goal with take-home tools and practices to help you maintain wellness and provide ongoing counseling as needed.

“I see Integrative Wellness as a doorway to deep connection with inner wisdom, self-love, self-acceptance and the healing that comes when we learn to be compassionately and unconditionally present with ourselves and the world around us.”  JMH

Her studio is located in Novato, California.